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For many of us, there comes a time when carrying out our usual daily duties becomes more difficult, and we require someone to help us maintain our regular lifestyle. Just as we might need someone to help us cook, take us to appointments and perform other daily tasks, we also may need help during the night as well. Overnight home care is designed to ensure you or your loved ones have support throughout the night, whether it be for assistance in visiting the bathroom to preparing nightly medication before bed. Take a look at some of our overnight care services below.

Overnight Home Care Services

Overnight care is provided by a live-in carer who stays in your home throughout the day and sleeps there during the night. During the day they will help with daily duties and will ensure you are supported during the night for any tasks that are too difficult to perform on your own. The carer will be able to assist you before sleep and at times during the night when you are most likely to be awake. This type of care is best suited for those who are able to sleep well during the night and only need minimal assistance.

Waking Night Care

If you need regular assistance throughout the night, then waking night care is available to help you. With this service, a separate carer is on duty during the night and will remain awake for the period you are asleep. During this time the carer can perform night-time duties such as administering medicine, changing your sleeping position, or providing assistance if you wake up disoriented. They can also undertake any domestic duties necessary during their shifts. This type of care is best suited for those who need extra care during the night.

Night Care Assistants

At times your regular carer will be unavailable or may need to take a break. When this occurs, we can provide a temporary night care assistant to take over for the period when your regular carer is away. Our assistants are fully trained in providing overnight care services and will be able to ensure the full continuation of nightly care duties. This can also be a useful option if you want to test out having an overnight carer without fully committing to the service.

Who Needs Overnight Care?

Overnight care can help you or your loved ones if they need assistance with the following:

  • Constant medical care throughout the night such as regular medication schedules.
  • Changing position while resting or sleeping.
  • Getting out of bed for visits to the toilet and other basic duties.
  • Help for those with progressive conditions such as dementia who might become disoriented or forgetful.
  • Emotional support for those feeling depressed or lonely.

Michael Rgis: An Overnight Care Agency

Here at Michael Rgis Care, we have a team of highly trained and friendly carers who will be able to provide the best quality care whether day or night.

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