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Home Nursing Assistance in Essex

At some point in our lives, we all need someone to look after us and help us with our daily duties. This can be a difficult fact to accept, especially for those of us who are used to our independence. Yet getting home assistance does not mean having to lose your dignity; rather, it can help you continue to live independently with just a little help for those tasks that are no longer easy. Home nursing is the perfect solution for those who need care but do not want to spend their later years in a nursing home. Here is some more information on how this service can help you.

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What Is Home Nursing?

As mentioned before, not everyone wants to live out their days in a nursing home. Home nursing allows you to continue living independently at home with just enough assistance to help you get through the day. This service provides a paid carer to visit your home and help you with any tasks that you may find too hard. It may be daily or weekly according to your needs and may be temporary or ongoing as needed. In addition, family members will feel reassured that their loved ones are being looked after, giving everyone peace of mind.

Types of Home Assistance You Can Get

When it comes to home care, there are a number of ways that carers can offer home assistance:

  • Helping you get out of bed and dress each morning, plus washing and grooming.
  • Preparing food and drink, particularly at mealtimes.
  • Domestic duties such as cleaning and doing the laundry.
  • Scheduling reminders for taking medicines and other treatments.
  • Performing daily tasks such as shopping and picking up prescriptions.
  • Helping you get out and about for social activities and the like.
  • Helping you get settled and ready for bed at night.

While not all of these services may apply to you specifically, they are all available through home care if required.


Respite Care Services in Essex

Do You Need Respite Care?

At some point, even those who care for others need some time just for themselves. If you are looking after loved ones then respite care allows you to have some time to yourself to relax and de-stress. Options for respite care include:

  • Daycare centres allow your loved ones to get out, socialise and take part in a range of activities.
  • Home care services allow a paid carer to look after your loved ones for as long as needed.
  • Short-term stays in a care home
  • Temporary live-in care provided by family or friends.
  • Respite holidays allow both carers and loved ones to take a break.
  • Sitting services are provided by charities and volunteer organisations.
  • Emergency respite services in case of sudden illness or accident.

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Here at Michael Rgis Care Services, we understand that looking after loved ones full-time can be tiring and stressful. Therefore, we offer respite services that will allow you to take some time out and recharge.

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