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Why Live-in care?

Live-in care is all about providing practical, personal and emotional support for those who need it. The essential difference is that this support takes place within the homes of the people being cared for. It means those who need professional help can receive it, whilst still retaining their sense of independence.

How does it work?

To ensure 24-hour care, a qualified professional will move into the person’s home on a full-time basis. They will be on hand around the clock to provide assistance and support whenever it’s needed. This can include personal care, dietary needs, domestic tasks or simply companionship and a cup of tea.

Who needs this type of care?

Whether elderly, disabled or infirm through illness, many people want to remain independent but need full-time support. Live in care provides an alternative to a nursing home, allowing people to hold on to their familiar routines. Temporary care at home can also be provided for people recovering from surgery or illness.

What are the benefits?

Full-time care at home is of benefit not only for those being cared for but also for their families.

Those in care are allowed to live as they wish, maintaining social connections and a stronger sense of dignity. Their quality of life is improved, and this in turn can often benefit their general health. It can also help married couples stay together for longer, or still keep pets that they love.

For the family it offers peace of mind, knowing that their relative is comfortable in their own home. They can also rest easy in the knowledge that they are receiving the best possible care and support.

Elder Care Services in Essex

Looking after elderly people is a specialised task requiring specific skills along with kindness and understanding. Some elderly people are unable to carry out many of the tasks most of us take for granted. That’s why those in elder care require both expertise and compassion.

Typical duties of a live-in carer might include:

  • Assisting people to get into and out of bed
  • Help with dressing and undressing
  • Personal care such as toilet, washing, bathing, hair and nails
  • Domestic tasks such as preparing meals, washing and ironing
  • Administering or reminding about medication
  • Assisting with mobility inside or outside the home
  • Companionship and emotional care
  • Looking after a pet or running errands


Michael Rgis: A Live-in Care Agency

Here at Michael Rgis we’re a live-in care agency in Colchester, Essex, offering the very best care for those who need it. Our staff are fully trained and qualified, as well as being passionate about the work they do. They build close relationships with those under their live-in care, providing companionship as well as emotional support. We can also arrange for additional carers to assist with hygiene needs, safe working and the manoeuvring of patients.

At Michael Rgis we also understand that it isn’t just elderly people who sometimes need live-in care. That’s why we’re more than happy to offer our exceptional services to people of all ages.

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