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Disability Care Services – Visiting Care

Many of us know someone who lives with a disability or may even experience one ourselves. While those who have a disability can face greater challenges and obstacles, this does not mean they cannot live a full and independent life. Disability and carers services offer those with disabilities the support they need to live life to the fullest. Here are some of the disability services that we offer.

Support for Independent Living

People living with disabilities face obstacles and hardships in their lives that can impact their independence. These can be anything from lack of accessibility to non-existent services that would otherwise help those in need. Additionally, people can face discrimination for their disabilities due to stereotyping and prejudices. Support for independent living is designed to give anyone with disabilities the exact support they need to live full lives. They can continue to live in their own homes and be responsible for their own finances. Support varies for each individual and can include services such as transport to and from appointments, interpretive services, and so on. This support is designed to help them overcome the specific obstacles that prevent them from gaining full independence.

Home Help for the Disabled

While many of our support services are designed to help those with disabilities live more independently, we understand that some may need extra support at home. Home help for disabled individuals is designed to support those who are having difficulties with everyday tasks at home yet do not want to live in residential care. Our staff can visit and help with tasks such as preparing food, cleaning, household chores, and so on. We also know how valuable it is to have someone to talk to, so our team members will also be available to take some time to sit and chat with each patient. In addition, they can help with transport for family visits, shopping, medical appointments, and more. This is a flexible service designed to ensure each individual patient receives the right support to continue living independently at home.

Forms of Disability Supported

Here at Michael Rgis Care, we dedicate ourselves to supporting individuals with a variety of disabilities including:

  • Physical disabilities that affect body movement and control, such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy.
  • Developmental disabilities that impair mental and physical development, such as Down Syndrome and autism.
  • Behavioural or emotional disabilities can cause severe anxiety or depression, learning difficulties, or the inability to form ongoing relationships. This can include ADD and bipolar disorder among others.
  • Sensory impairment disabilities cause one of the five senses to function below average levels. This can often include those with various degrees of hearing or visual impairment.

Our team has extensive experience with these and other disabilities and will ensure each patient’s needs are fully catered for at all times.

Michael Rgis Disability and Carers Service

Here at Michael Rgis Care our team has extensive experience working regularly with disabled patients. Each carer’s service is tailored for each individual patient so that they and their loved ones can continue living with dignity.

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