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In Home Care Benefits and Costs

We all want the best possible care as we get older, yet in home care costs can seem daunting. Residential or nursing home care might seem like a more cost effective option. But is it? And if you had the choice, wouldn’t you rather stay in your own home? You may have lived there most of your life. Why would you want to leave all those happy memories behind?

Here at Michael Rgis Care we have the answers to those questions. In home care costs are not higher than residential costs. And there is no reason at all why you should leave your happy memories behind. Our mission is to provide the dedicated care and support that people need. The big difference is, they receive this care and support in the comfort and security of their own home.

How Does It Work?

At Michael Rgis Care our aim is to help people live as independently as they can. We like to see people stay in their own homes, surrounded by their own treasured belongings. To allow them to do this we offer a 24/7 care service, tailored specifically to individual needs.

Following initial contact, we’ll have a friendly discussion about what you require. We’ll answer all your questions and give you an outline of the costs. A home visit from a manager or care coordinator will help us assess your situation. We’ll also give you a care service user guide to help you better understand our care at home services.

If you decide to go ahead, the manager will visit again to make a full care assessment. After that you will see a detailed ‘plan of care’ document. This is so that we can be sure that you and your family are completely happy.

Once your service plan is underway it will be reviewed on a regular basis. We will monitor it closely, introducing any changes that need to be made along the way. Our priority is always you. Our aim is for you to be as happy and comfortable as possible.

The Benefits of in Home Care

There are understandable challenges associated with this industry. Not only should you possess excellent social skills, but the learning curve never truly ends. Many organisations may require you to already have qualifications as well as hands-on experience before they will consider your application.

The standard of residential and nursing home care in the UK is high. But in home care will offer a sense of familiarity and safety that you can’t replace. People cared for in their own homes enjoy greater independence, self-respect and dignity. Our 24/7 emergency response service also offers peace of mind in this unpredictable world. As well as care, our dedicated staff provide companionship, something many people miss as they move on in years. Live-in care can offer a full-time solution for people who need additional ongoing support. The cost of residential care can be considerably higher than in home care costs. This allows all the benefits of being cared for in your own home from as little as £685 per week.

Here at Michael Rgis Care we offer care and support tailored to your specific needs. For people who require care but want to remain at home, it’s the perfect solution. Our services cover every situation. This ranges from temporary care after a hospital discharge to long-term 24/7 support. If you’d like to know more, please contact us.

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