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What Are the Day-to-Day Duties of a Support Worker?

The day-to-day duties of a support worker provide vital care to patients. A support worker is a vital helping hand to people who struggle to live independently. The duties of a support worker offer both a practical helping hand with daily tasks, as well as emotional support.

Supports workers ultimately provide help to a great range of clients, whether that’s people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, or vulnerable elderly people. For this reason, the day to day duties of a support worker always vary, but are united in providing the right care for each individual.

A Support Worker’s Day

residential care worker’s day supporting a patient will often begin with the morning routine. This can involve waking, as well as dressing the person under their care. The morning routine can also be the time to give attention to the patient’s personal care and hygiene. A support worker can provide sensitive and respectful personal care. This can range from hair and beauty routines, to applying prescription lotions.

A support worker may often take on lunch duties, particularly where patients are struggling with cooking for themselves. But a support worker’s presence can also help patients learn to prepare and enjoy their food. However much the patient is able to help, the meal itself is a time where the patient and carer can have a chat.

Throughout the day, a patient may require their medication. Ensuring medication is administered at the right time is another duty of a support worker. Duties could also include monitoring a patient’s temperature, heart rate, and weight. Support workers help bring healthcare into the home with warmth and friendliness.

Later in the day, the support worker may also see to preparing the evening meal, as well as administering personal care in preparation for bed. Some support workers can also provide 24 hour care, providing support overnight.




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