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Domiciliary Care Provides Great Support

For many of us the need for care due to age or for health reasons often comes with the difficult decision to relinquish some of our independence. While we all hope to maintain our self-reliance, there comes a time when assistance is needed in our daily lives.

Domiciliary care enables those who need assistance to continue living at home by means of help with ongoing daily tasks. But exactly what is domiciliary care and how can it provide support while maintaining individual independence?

What is Domiciliary Care?

In many situations when someone is in need of care they move out of their residence into a facility that provides such care. Domiciliary care however allows you to remain at home while still receiving all the support you need.

Unlike live-in support where a home care worker lives with you at home, domiciliary care services are designed to provide you with exactly the level of assistance you need to remain independent. This could be for as little as an hour a day or longer if needed.

Who Does Domiciliary Care Support?

Domiciliary care is for anyone who needs extra support in their day-to-day activities. This can include older people, people with disabilities, anyone recovering from injuries, and so on. Domiciliary care allows professional caregivers to customise support for individual clients, so that each person receives the exact amount of assistance they need.

In addition, domiciliary care frees up friends and family who may not be able to offer the same level of help that a professional care worker can supply.

How Does Domiciliary Care Help?

There are a number of reasons why domiciliary care is a preferred service. Domiciliary care eliminates the stress of moving to an unfamiliar facility where you may have less access to family, friends and pets.

In addition having care at home services tailored to suit your individual needs offers a higher standard of care at a more cost-effective rate. Finally, domiciliary care ensures that you become familiar with and feel comfortable with carers providing a sense of safety and stability.

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